About us:

Janani arts and craft, pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for quality, reliability and services. Janani arts and craft offer a wide choice with an astounding global appeal that comes naturally with an ethnic Indian essence. Warmth, politeness, transparency, clarity and above all a flawless Customer Care are the qualities one finds in these showrooms.

The journey of Janani arts and craft so far has been truly inspirational led by our founder boasting of an enviable dedicated clientele spread across the globe. Our workshop is located in Mysore, India.

The vast cultural and ethnic diversity of handicraft has enabled a variety of motifs, techniques and crafts to flourish in Mysore. The Various handicrafts are in tune with its age-old splendid civilization, which has been perfected over centuries.

A variety of articles, including figures of god and goddesses, are available either in sandalwood or rosewood. The inlaid works of rosewood like teapai, coffee tables 3d poster and other items of furniture are attractive. Different sizes of elephants are also crafted out of rosewood, sandalwood and teak wood.

Janani arts and crafts is an ideal place for purchase genuine handicrafts. It is located in Mysore, Karnataka, India.